1. How will I receive my free eBooks?

A. The eBooks will be compatible with all your eReaders and will be sent out via a service called Bookfunnel which will provide technical support as well as allow you to download your eBook in your chosen format directly to the Nook, Kobo, iBooks, and Google Play device of your choice. Check your emails and let us know if you have any questions @

2. What is this for?
B. Right now its a way for my readers on non-Amazon retailers to pre-order the ebooks they love so that they can read on their compatible devices before the books are exclusive to Amazon.

3. How much will I be charged?
C. It depends on your Patreon level! But you only be charged ONCE a month and only ONE flat fee. So if you’re a Patreon Constellation member then your flat fee will be $5 a month and you’ll get all the download titles/freebies during that 1-time charge.

4. When am I charged?
D. On the first of every month there is a DOWNLOAD. So if you sign up today, the first PATREON charge will be on the 1st of the following month.

5. What do I get?
F. Access to eBook(s) from my published catalog to download to your Kindle, Kobo, iPad, Nook, or the eReader tablet of your choice.

6. Will this replace your published books on outside retailers?
G. For some series, yes. Including the Algardis and Blood and Iron series. But Courtlight and Crown Service are still being published wide.

7. When will I receive my Bonus Incentive?
J. Patreon Bonus Incentive(s) will be sent out as soon as they’re ready as a single download to each supporter throughout the month. You will be notified on the Patreon blog when the downloadable file is ready for you to enjoy.

8. How do I change my Patreon tier?

Here’s a link with a guide to do so.