Reading Order

All of my books are high-adventure series with female-led feminist fantasy narratives. I hope you enjoy and check out the Books pages for each cover in order.

This is a Reading Order for Algardis Universe books:

The Algardis Series Reading Order (100 Years after the Founder’s Time):

1. Mages By Chance

2. Mages By Fortune

3. Mages By Assembly

4. Mages By Provenance

The Blood and Iron Series Reading Order (Pre-Initiate Wars):

1. Oath of Justice

2. Oath of Truth

3. Oath of Power (Series Ending)

The Crown Service Series Reading Order (Precedes Courtlight by 200 Years):

1. Blades Of Magic

2. Blades Of Illusion

3. Blades Of Sorcery

4. Blades Of Destiny

5. Blades Of Fortitude

6. Blades Of Revelation

The Rose Hedgewitch Short Story

The Courtlight Series Reading Order:

0. Allegiances: A Standalone Courtlight Story (Includes Ciardis and Caemon’s Birth)

Lillian In Heels Short Story

1. Sworn To Raise

2. Sworn To Transfer

3. Sworn To Conflict

Across The Arid Seas Short Story

4. Sworn To Secrecy

5. Sworn To Defiance

6. Sworn To Ascension

7. Sworn To Vengeance

8. Sworn To Sovereignty

9. Sworn To War

10. Sworn To Quell

11. Sworn To Restoration

12. Sworn To Justice

13. Sworn To Victory

14. Sworn To Allegiance

15. Sworn To Reign

The SacredCourt Series Reading Order:

1. Raised With Dragons

2. Freed By Dragons

3. Stolen For Dragons

4. Torn Between Dragons

This is a Reading Order for Atlanta Mageverse books:

The Sarath Web Series Reading Order:

1. Accession

2. Inheritance

*If its not hyperlinked it hasn’t been published yet.

**Red highlights are the next to be completed.

*** All Short Stories are available as downloadable PDFs @