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I wrote the Courtlight series to be an engaging and engrossing read for all ages with a special interest in young adult readers who wanted to have some adventures of their own. I focused on the type of story that I always loved reading as a young girl, the high fantasy coming of age tale with a female heroine that transcended boundaries, a story with a never-ending saga of twists-and-turns, of new friends and old companions, and most of all—a tale that came from the heart. With its emphasis on friendship that readers of Mercedes Lackey will find familiar, the quests of a Tamora Pierce epic, and the fantasy romance of a Sarah J. Maas novel, the Courtlight series will engage young teen readers like never before.

These books have been included in libraries across the country and around the world.  Teachers will find it to be well-suited for inclusion in the fantasy sections of their classroom collections, book group discussions, and the school libraries.

If you’re thinking about adding the Courtlight series to your school catalog or you already have, please email me. I would love to hear from you.


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Reviews and RAVES:

“The magic within Edun’s world plays along with the message she portrays in her series as a whole, each person (is) unique. This is a wonderful message for the younger readers during a time when they are discovering who they are, telling them that they have a unique talent that they will discover they have.”

~ Chicago Books Examiner

~“Edun’s complex magical system…and unpredictable plot twists set the stage for more adventures in this enchanted world.”
~ Kirkus Reviews

“Intriguing and compelling!”
~ Whitney Waddell, Brentwood Public Librarian

“Teens will find Sworn to Raise a compelling saga of magic, romance, and one young woman’s struggle to find and understand her role in her world.”
~ Midwest Book Review

“If you’re a fantasy lover, this is one world you don’t want to miss out on!”
~ City Of Books, #15 Best Reviewer on Goodreads

“Sure to whet readers’ appetite for suspense and intrigue…”
~ RT Book Review – 4 Stars

“The magic in this fascinating fantasy world is intriguing, and I look forward to more adventure, suspense and romance!”

~ Leslie Jackson, Youth Services, Woodland Park Public Library

“Like Tamora Pierce, but bloodier.”

~ Athens-Limestone Public Library teen reader

“(Well-crafted) middle grade fantasy…”

~ Publisher’s Weekly, BookLife Prize for Fiction


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Frequently Asked Questions

Honestly, I have bad news for you. I published 1 Crown Service title and 3 Courtlight titles out of my own pocket in audio. I discovered I was rubbish at overseeing narration and after spending a fair amount of time and money on the first four audiobooks, I’d much prefer writing the next books for you. I can tell you that the book rights are available if an audio publisher wants them though, my inbox is open to offers!


“The magic within Edun’s world plays along with the message she portrays in her series as a whole, each person (is) unique. This is a wonderful message for the younger readers during a time when they are discovering who they are, telling them that they have a unique talent that they will discover they have.

With the intriguing and unique story, characters, world, and message, Sworn To Raise is a great beginning to Edun’s self-published series. Though many young adult book series are incredibly similar as well as predictable, there are a few writers who can break the mold. Writers like Edun have created a young adult series that can capture the attention of both younger and older readers…”



Publisher’s Cataloging-in-Publication data

Edun, Terah E.

Sworn to raise / by Terah Edun

p.     cm

Summary: When seventeen-year-old peasant girl Ciardis is chosen for a position at court as a companion, she travels across the empire to begin a new life. To survive, she’ll need to master intrigue, befriend a crown prince, and learn to control magical abilities she never knew existed.

ISBN 978-1-62051-207-4 (hardcover) • 978-1-62051-186-2 (eBook)

[1. Fantasy. 2. Magic—Fiction. 3. Kings, queens, rulers, etc—Fiction. 4. Courts and Courtiers—Fiction. 5. Love—Fiction.] I. Title.

PZ7.E24963 Sw 2016     [Fic]—d23     2015920433


I get this question all the time and I’m happy to personally speak to each and every parent or teacher or librarian to assure them that my books are geared towards a young adult audience and appropriate (I hope) for most young adult/teen readers. It’s aimed to be a compelling read for all ages with no graphic sexual content or gratuitous cursing. If you need comparisons, then Harry Potter & the Sorcerer’s Stone by J.K. Rowling, City of Bones by Cassandra Clare, and Divergent by Veronica Roth will give you an idea of the content style.