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Happy New Year! It’s Courtlight Short Story time!

Hi all,

I’m wishing you and yours a very Happy New Year and a brilliant 2020!

I’m so excited for what this year will bring and to start it off right I’ve posted a short story to my Patreon for all tiers to read. I promised the Patreon Guildies back in November 2019 that they could choose a character set for me to write about.

Out of Sebastian/Ciardis, Rivan/Maeryn, and Sara/Ezekiel – the first pairing won!

You’re now welcome to read the new short story titled ‘A Secret Encounter’ on Patreon, just log in and the download will be live in your inbox on 01/02/2020, let me know what you think and happy holidays! I’ll be posting another short story this month as well. ^.^

Also a note that the Algardis Series Boxed Set (Books 1-3) is still $0.99 and in Kindle Unlimited! I hope you enjoy this brand-new series arc with a new kingdom and a new set of characters to fall into.

Next up I’m working on Mages By Purity: Algardis #4 and Sworn To Victory: Courtlight #13 which will feature a wide release on all retailers.

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Two new Algardis titles now live: Mages By Assembly: Algardis #3 and Books 1-3 Boxed Set

Hi all,

Wow – what an amazing winter its turned out to be.

I’m happy to announce the release of two new Algardis series titles. Mages By Assembly: Algardis #3 and the Algardis Series Boxed Set: Books 1-3 are now live! Before you start reading please note – as I told my beta and advance readers – going into 2020 I’m trying a more ‘serialized’ writing style. So the final resolutions will happen over a long arc rather than in one book or a short trilogy.

Now you can go. 😉

Amazon links here:

Mages By Chance: Algardis #1

Mages By Fortune: Algardis #2

Mages By Assembly: Algardis #3

Algardis Series Boxed Set: Books 1-3

They’re all $0.99 today as well! Perfect for you to read all weekend long.

I covered this in my newsletters, but this series is now releasing direct to PATREON where you can read it for free (past downloads of the boxed sets available as well). The Patreon eBook Downloads will be sent as Kindle, Nook, Google Play, iBooks, and Kobo-compatible eBooks. I have partnered with a service that I’ve used for a long-time which will delivered those files directly to your eReader for your ease of use. 🙂 Anyone who has pre-ordered via Patreon and signed up will receive their copies at the start of each new month.

Finally, these new books can give thanks to this rocking music video from Alexa ZB. I love her, she has such an amazing strong vibe.

Happy Black Friday – Mages By Assembly Chapter Preview & Patreon Announcement

Short-and-sweet: My Nook, Kobo, iBooks, and Google Play readers will be able to pre-order series like Algardis via Patreon starting today. All Patreon readers who sign-up by November 30th will receive a copy of Mages By Assembly: Algardis #3 on November 4th (ahead of regular release) and their copy of Sworn To Victory: Courtlight #13 ahead of regular release!

You can read Chapter One Of Mages By Assembly: Algardis #3 now!

Long version:

Hi all,

I’m moving into a brand-new exciting year of publishing (almost) exclusively to Amazon Kindle Unlimited. Starting with Books One and Two of the Algardis series available today.

Mages By Chance: Algardis #1

Mages By Fortune: Algardis #2

But I have absolutely not forgotten the readers who have supported me over the years on Barnes & Noble, Kobo, iBooks, and Google Play.

I will still be releasing some new items on those platforms (primarily the Courtlight and Crown Service series) but to make sure you have access to all my books before publication, I want to let you know that every reader on a non-Amazon platform can now sign up for my Patreon account.

How this works is simple. Every month, my new-and-existing Patreons will receive an email with a download page for the books of their choice.

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This month in particular is important for readers of the Algardis series who want access to Mages By Assembly: Algardis #3, a sneak peek at Sworn To Victory: Courtlight #13, and the pre-order of the Algardis Series Boxed Set: Books 1-3. I hope you join us over at!

Keep reading below for the preview of Mages By Assembly: Algardis #3!

P.S. – There’s a NSFW version of this same chapter on my Patreon and I’m taking comments on whether or not I should add more cursing (and other stuff) to my books, so sound off.

Mae had long ago lost her sense of time.

She hung upside down by her ankles from a ceiling with thick chains attached to metal stakes driven at three angles into the wall. She had become very familiar with the anchors to her chain. After she had tried for an hour unsuccessfully to yank herself free from their holds, she had even named them.

The first chain that kept her anchored to the left wall was called Headache.

The second chain that was fixed to the right wall was Miserable.

The third and final chain which went straight up to the center of the ceiling was her favorite. Accordingly its name was Pain.

Pain was a favorite because Mae didn’t haven’t to crane her head to see it. Just look up and there it was. Attached to the high arch on the second-story of a room she only sort of recognized. She knew that she was supposed to know where she was. But she had become more and more unfocused as time went on.

Still, sensing the importance of the act, Mae looked up at Pain and tried to concentrate on the design of the ceiling she was seeing. She thought she should recognize it. For some reason. But her mind had long ago turned to mush. Her head was swimming from the blood constantly rushing to her brain, her feet felt cold like she’d dipped them in a bath of ice…she supposed one more effect of blood rushing away from her limbs, and her entire body felt distant.

Like she inhabited her physical form but wasn’t really there. Just drifting. It was kind of fun until she couldn’t concentrate on important things like where she was. Mae felt lucky she knew her own name. Even that was getting more difficult by the second.

Patches of her memories were gone. Blank when she tried to recall the circumstances that had brought her here. Hanging upside down by her ankles and wondering what she’d done.

The only thing she was occasionally sure of was that whatever had brought her to these circumstances, it wasn’t normal. She wasn’t being punished for talking back to an elder or lightly thieving a grimoire from a hidden library.

No, no this is something far worse, Mae thought as her mind drifted in a swirl of ever-present confusion.

She wanted to remember but she couldn’t. The only thing that she could guess at was that it had been something horrific she’d done to deserve this. But even her family wouldn’t be this cruel.

My family, Mae thought in a bleary state.

Just thinking on them brought a pain that Mae curled away from inside. It lanced through her heart like a dagger and she was overwhelmed by emotions so strong it was hard to comprehend.




For a brief moment she remembered why she was here. What she was done. Like a rose blooming in her mind, a petal slowly unfurled. It held a memory. Then many memories. But they didn’t last long. In fact as soon as she let out a scream of recognition, they were gone. All the emotions. Everything that told her who she was and how she had ended up here—suspended upside down from a ceiling she didn’t quite recognize.

The only thing left was relief. Mae’s body still felt the strain from when she’d arched up, still shackled to the ceiling, her body so tightly strung it might as well have been the bow an arrow would be loosened from.

Little by little her body relaxed. Her legs unlocked from the stiff pantomime they hung in, her back uncurved, and her jaw slackened. The fact that the only thing left after all that was relief was both perplexing and worrying.

She couldn’t remember why a moment before her whole body had been tense and her mind on fire with pain. But she knew enough to be grateful because it had felt like she was about to explode from the inside out.

Working her sore jaw, another after effect from the tension that had roiled through her, Mae tried to figure out what was going on. Why she was hung upside down. Who she could see to free her? But the room was empty of everyone else. She was alone with her rattling chains and the occasional crackle of a fire far below in lit brazier pots.

She could only see it when she angled her head back in order to look down. That hurt more than just letting her head hang. So she didn’t do it often. But in dim aloneness, the fires were her one cheery escape in a whole room which otherwise was split in half between darkness and light.

Fearing the worse and not knowing what else she could do, Mae started screaming.

Crying out for help but that brought no one to her aid and only hammered in the realization that she was on her own. As further time passed, Mae licked her dry, cracking lips and realized that if she didn’t try something to free herself soon, she’d only waste away hung upside down by her chains.

Twisting around she tried to see anything that would help her but nothing was forthcoming. Her movements also jarred something into her back.

Part of the chain, she thought. But with that pain came a brief and momentary glimpse into her past. What had brought her here. What kept her here.

Nervously Mae twisted again to feel the quick jab of the sharp piece of metal in her back and more memories loosened.

She wanted to remember. Even with the pain.

She wanted to be free. Even if it meant falling.

She wanted to be whole again and that desperation drove her to fight through the blood rushing to her head and the disorientation came with it.

For a moment there was clarity, visually and mentally, and the parts swimming in her gaze came together to form a coherent whole. Gray blocks marked with soot stains merged into a pattern she recognized. Laid stonework. Round buttresses became arches along the four corners of the slightly domed ceiling. In the center was a chandelier of mage lights that was now holding up more than just a dozen candle sticks.

It held Maeryn Darnes herself.

She recognized all the parts and the whole they made as the magical haze seemed to be doing more to cloud her mind than the dehydration and blood loss was.

“The sickroom…that’s where I am,” Mae mumbled in a daze to herself.

At least that’s where she thought she was.

Its where she had been when this horrifying ritual had begun.

Where what had once been Mae’s dream of salvation had rapidly turned her greatest nightmare.

And it all started here. Here where my siblings were confined in sickness. Here where I hang for my crimes, Mae thought in dazed blur as she tried to keep her eyes open.

She twisted again, this time lightly, just to get the sharp rush of pain in her lower back and the urgency to stay alert grew greater. The pain’s clarity didn’t last long, but it was enough to combat what was clouding her mind like a faint cloud covering every inch of her thoughts. Mae knew that it wasn’t a lack of sleep that was preventing her from keeping her focus, visual or mentally, however. It was magic.

She could see it when she blinked her eyes open and concentrated.

That was one thing she hadn’t lost in this grim imprisonment.

So she thought to counteract it. She couldn’t move much more than her wriggling but she didn’t need to physically manipulate her body to open herself up. Mae let her magic go.

The first thing that was affected was her mental acuity.

Then her eyesight and her ability to see auras.

Grateful to see that at least some things were still the same, even though the first time she’d been actually shown an aura was by the woman who her mind wanted to forget as much as it struggled to remembered everything else. She wasn’t precisely sure why it was so easy to shift into looking at those auras now but she had the feeling it had to do with the fact that her seal had been broken open.

Mae’s vision was a bit fuzzy still, especially close in but she would have been able to see the glowing script crawling up and down her chest even if she was blind. It was that bright.

Combined with the blood that had drizzled down her sides from some wounds she didn’t remember receiving and Mae might have thought her body was a living canvas for some insane court-based painter far from the capital of the kingdom of Nardes.

But she wasn’t a piece of art.

She was grateful at least that with the the cloud lifted from her mind, she could process that and more now that her magic made it possible for her to react to the present, and not just the delirium that had fogged over her thoughts. Mae realized that her whole body hurt—from the deep scratches at her hips, to the soreness of her chest that seemed to thrum with glint of the glowing scripts, to the feet shackled and enduring the weight of her body held upside down.

It was the pain that let her know this was all reality and not some dream.

It was the bitterness in her mouth that reminded her of how she had gotten here in the first place. Donna Marie’s betrayal. Hers and others. Mae’s hazy memory was coming together like puzzle pieces long ago separated and what she remembered—she didn’t like.

Every second she lingered in her mind—growing panic set in.

The kind of fear that was inescapable and overwhelming.

She sensed an ominous presence tied to not just Donna Marie thought, but now over the entire greater holding. A presence that meant evil had already been done and it made her pulse race. Mae didn’t care what was happening to her. She shivered in the dark however thinking about what had become of her family members.

The only thing she could do was hang around and hope. Hope that they had gotten away, somehow, someway.

“Enough of old worries,” Mae said to herself as she shifted her gaze around and grimaced with the liquid that drifted into her eyes—temporarily blinding her.

It wasn’t tears though. It was blood.


Wincing, Mae tried to get wipe away the sensation of her dried blood that had slowly dripped down her face from her chin over her lips, over her nose, and over her eyes. Her hands were free so she could periodically let them fall and smear away what she could towards her hair line and on her clothes.

She didn’t do that often because she had learned that by keeping her hands looped on her belt she could shift some of the dead weight of her hanging arms onto the core of her body.

It felt better. If only for a moment.

There were so many other things wrong, that temporary relief didn’t absolve all the other issues. Like the fact that just to be able to breathe and keep her eyes clear she’d been forced to keep her eyelids and mouth closed. Now that the wound had been sealed enough that it wasn’t leaking a steady stream, she could open them again. That was no problem when it came to her mouth.

But her eyes? Well, the blood had dried over her lids until it was a thick crust she couldn’t dislodge.

It hurt.

It itched.

It was driving her crazy.

Not to mention the fact she was seeing things. Things that had nothing to do with her current position hanging upside down and everything to do with the casting Donna Marie had done to unlock Mae’s gift.

The only thing Mae remembered was that whatever had happened to her…she had brought onto herself.

The thought made her squirm inside. She couldn’t precisely remember how. Her memory was clearer but it wasn’t completely back, so whatever it was that had merited this punishment from the foreign woman and her cohort…Mae had to guess it had been something crucial. Maybe she had stumbled upon something she hadn’t. Ran into someone she shouldn’t have. But the past was the past and now she was paying for it.

Mouth wrenching in displeasure Mae realized that if she was going to get out of this she’d have to do so quickly. Before she sank back into unconsciousness aided by her dizziness and blood loss.

Twisting herself back and forth made her feet hurt but it allowed her to do pull herself by her torso enough times that she saw the chains around her feet were double-wrapped. Secure enough to keep her hanging up here but perhaps not for long.

Mae made a plan. She twisted some more and desperately reached out with her free hands to get purchase. She made it just barely. Gripping her upper thighs with desperation until she could physically climb up her legs with straining hands and reach between her feet for the chains that imprisoned her.

It was the most exhausting thing Mae had ever done but she made it, tears freely falling from the corners of her eyes as she panted in exertion and struggled to hold her body weight up by her arms and not let go.

Her eyes desperately searched the metal links she could see clearly now that she was raised up to the level of her feet. She was looking for some kind of linchpin or lock that she could loosen to free herself.

Her eyes snagged on an incongruity just as her arms began to shake from the strain.

Found it! She thought triumphantly.

There it was.

Knowing she couldn’t stay in this position for long, she lunged for the bit of metal that meant her freedom, grabbed it and yanked.

Joy went through Mae’s mind as she realized she had won. But just as quickly followed panic as she felt her back falling backward as she realized her hands were no longer anchored as well. Suddenly she was scrambling frantically as she realized she hadn’t exactly thought the next part through. Desperate not to plummet to the ground unchecked Mae clutched at anything metal she could reach.

She felt something cold and slick which might stop her fall but she’d only managed to grab onto the now loose chains that had bound her feet. That wouldn’t help.

Yet I’m not falling, Mae thought in amazement.

Panting heavily Mae peeked up, almost too afraid to look, and realized that her left hand had grabbed the loose chains but her right was snagged onto the hook that had been holding them all up.

“Thank the gods,” she whispered in fervent prayer as she smiled up at the first good thing that happened that day.

She even felt some relief sweep through her.

That is until a sheering sound whispered from above.


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Mages By Fortune: Algardis #2 – First Two Chapters

Time for you get an idea of where Maeryn ‘Mae’ Darnes is going on her journey and who she’s taking with her. I was excited to see Rivan step up to the plate in the book and be more open with Mae. It turns out his alliances may not be so firm as it all seems, and the foreigner he travels with should be wary—because his bite is worse than his growl.

Check out the first two chapters of Mages By Fortune: Algardis #2 below and get ready for the release of the full book in the Algardis series very soon. P.S. – Reminder these chapters haven’t been seen by my editor yet, they’re just for your viewing pleasure.

Also, if you haven’t read book one yet, what are you waiting for? It’s in Kindle Unlimited!

It wasn’t every day that someone walked up to Maeryn Darnes and told her that they could change not only her life but her entire families’. Today was that day and it felt like all of the emotions she had building up inside of her because of it would force her to burst.

Frustration at being forced to make a choice.

Temptation at the possibilities being dangled in front of her—not just for herself but for others.

Fear…because she couldn’t take back the agreement once made.

Mae wasn’t stupid. There was a lot that the foreign woman wasn’t telling her. There was a gleam of anticipation in Donna Marie’s eyes that Mae didn’t understand and made her wary to the core. But the hope she held out in its place was almost too much to bear.

Mae swiped her tongue over her suddenly dry lips and opened her mouth to speak.

“I—” Mae croaked out.

She intended to say ‘I agree’ but the words stuck in her mouth like a piece of fruit lodged down her throat. She couldn’t get it out and for a moment of panic she couldn’t even breathe. It was as if all her normal bodily functions stopped working and she was left just trying to resume speaking, breathing, and smiling, all of which naturally came as second nature to her so it was disturbing to be without.

As for Donna Marie, she looked at Mae with impatience growing on her face. As she looked down on the less tall Mae, for a moment her face transformed. Not literally but almost imperceptibly, as Mae saw something else in that moment. The tight smile on her lips didn’t reach her eyes. And the frown lines radiating from her tear ducts weren’t ones from a life of joy, but one of stress. It was as if the persona she put on for the public was a mask and if Mae waited just a minute longer the entire façade would crack into a hundred pieces to reveal the truth underneath.

So wait she would.

“I–I just need more time to think it through,” Mae stammered—looking for an excuse for why her mind froze when her heart was telling her to go ahead with the best option she had.

Realistically it was the only option she had.

Donna Marie glanced up at the sky with an exaggerated look of boredom.

“If we’re going to do this now would be the time,” the foreign woman said in a sarcastic voice.

Easy for you to say you’re getting exactly what you want, Mae thought caustically.

Meanwhile Mae was limited by her current circumstances, the fact that the children of the greater holding were violently ill, and let’s be honest—some of her own relatives might be out to kill her as she deliberated.

It was a lot to think about at the moment. She’d gain an ally by giving the foreign woman what she wanted—for however little time this played out, and more importantly she’d gain something for herself in the process. Magic.

A weapon to use both to attack and protect. It would be hers to use as she willed, just as one of her many cousins had used his wind magic to try knock her off a steep ledge so that she would plummet to her death.

That was supposition. We don’t know he meant to kill us. Maybe he would have captured us and brought our hovering bodies back through the window, she thought to herself stubbornly—trying to think the best of the events that had proceeded her being here.

But even she wasn’t that naïve. The force of his power had been deliberate and had quite the chance of being fatal if she and Ember hadn’t spied a balcony to dive down into at the last minute.

Which left more questions than answers for Mae. Who were these mysteriously murderous relatives? What was it that they had been doing to the girls? And what would they do once Richard told them just who it was they’d caught spying from the second floor?

In fact they could be torturing him for important information right now! Mae thought horrified at the prospect.

She didn’t know Richard that well. He was one of the dozens of younger generation cousins that roamed the halls of the Darnes greater holding. She saw him in passing at breakfast, and again at noon’s meal before the ‘children’ were separated from the ‘young adults’ of marriageable age for the last meal heading into the night. He didn’t share any of her studies and their parents weren’t that close. So she couldn’t say that he would keep their secrets or even try to. So instead she wondered just what he had said and what the cloaked figures would do with that information.

Hunt her down like a deer to kill? Or bring her before the elders like a recalcitrant child? Mae wondered in her head.

She was fairly sure which of those options would leave her alive for another day but neither were ones she could say she preferred.

The thought of it all made Mae’s stomach knot in turmoil and that was just one of the aspects that she had to be careful of before making her call. The others? Were both better and worse than anything else she’d ever been faced with before.

Mae bit her lip in indecision. She wasn’t going to rush into this. She just wished she had someone to discuss it over with. Someone she trusted. But she was alone in this and the choice was hers alone. Which made it even worse not better. Because make no mistake, if she did this, if she went through with what the foreign woman wanted…there would be repercussions.

Mae took a deep breath as she thought about it. Thought about what Donna Marie was asking, which on the surface wasn’t much, and if you stirred the pot…was everything.

Mae didn’t want to be one of those foolish people who leaped before they looked, but from the female mage’s own words…this was as much of a fishing expedition for her as it was a learning process for Mae.

“But to do this,” Mae whispered to herself as she clutched her right elbow and tried to think it through.

It remained to be seen why her family, her elders even, had locked away the gifts—supposing they actually were there—in the first place. What made the power of women and girls so undesirable that they were outright forbidden? Nothing justified it Mae’s head and even as she thought about what had been done to her when she was very young, Mae was simmering with rage. It was all she had wanted as a child, to be special. To be unique. And to think that these gifts were hers to claim all along but because of a decision made long before she was born—they had been cut off? She couldn’t fathom the reasoning and she didn’t think those who had made the decision long ago could understand her pain.

Not that she could ask them.

The methodical placement of the tattoos along her collarbone had been decided generations ago and was something her sister, her stepmother, her grandmother, and even her great-aunt had gone through. As far as Maeryn Darnes knew, it was something generations of the women in her family had been subjected to.

She had never learned why.

Heck, she had never asked why.

It just was.

Only brief memories of the process from her childhood flashed in her mind at any time. It was a room filled with light and female faces surrounded her on all sides. They bent down over with rings of light about their crowns like halos and she looked up at them in confusion from where she lay flat on her back with something cold and hard underneath her.

She’d been five.

Or four. She couldn’t precisely remember what age it’d been done at but she didn’t remember words…just flashes of movements and all those faces. It seemed all the women of her clan old enough to marry had been present. And from what Ember had told her the one time she’d opened up about it with her sister, she too had had the same experience. Although Ember remembered more than her…suggesting that perhaps that she had been older than Mae when it happened?

Ember had talked about smells which Mae couldn’t remember.

Scents of sandalwood, a rare and costly aroma that Mae had only smelled once…when she’d been taken to one of the city-states with her father for trade. The idea of it being present here, so far into the rural shadows of the Nardes kingdom was preposterous. One thimble was worth more than an entire season’s production of vegetables.

Which left the question of how Ember had encountered it when she was so young. But Mae didn’t know much more than that because as soon as she had started to open up her sister had closed down. It taken her years to realized that was Ember’s defensive mechanism. Only being vocal when she knew absolutely everything there was to know about the subject at hand. As a eight-year-old being snapped at by her older sister though, Mae had simple taken offense and endeavored to not speak or do her mean sister any favors for the foreseeable future. Which had lasted all of a few weeks until there was something else Mae wanted and only Ember could provide.

But now all I want is answers, so many mysteries in a family that I thought I knew like the back of my hand, Mae thought as her eyes drifted over to Ember’s still form.

As her memory was triggered, Mae struggled to remember if she had ever gone back to Ember. To insist they talk about that strange fateful day that they both had shared…if only because their recollections were so similar. But she never had. Because the look in Ember’s eyes when she had first brought it up was one Mae recognized all too well—it was one that was haunted.

Funnily enough except for this almost disturbing episode Mae had thought her childhood was idyllic. Oh, they had their struggles. With so many bodies and babies to feed in the family, they had to stretch their food to feed everyone. That meant weeks without meat as the hunters drifted further out to find something that would stretch for them all or when they did find a few hares or even a deer, it was chopped into thick finger-length bits to put into a pot of stew for everyone to partake. But no one died of starvation and everyone who was family was blood. They stood by one another. The secret that sat at the heart of them was simply unspoken of.

But then the children started dying again. In large numbers and what had once been a generational curse now seemed never-ending. Nerves were frayed and boundaries broken. Not the least of which was her own. It was how she’d started doing research into the cure in the first place and ended up breaking into her grandmother’s private sanctum to receive the grimoire.

Even just thinking of the tome that she’d risk so much for made Mae flinch.

It was gone…in the hands of people she’d rather it not be and what was worse—they’d destroyed it with fire. She hadn’t seen what they’d done with the incantation on the ripped off page itself because by that point she’d been running for her life. But Mae couldn’t imagine the group of mad cloaked individuals had done much good with it.

Without that page Mae had to wonder if they could even do what needed to be done. Which meant she had to get it back. But first things first, she had to get out of her latest scrape in one piece. So she stood up and looked around the clearing with a firm face. It was the same as it had been before. The air was a little stiller. The gloom about them all a little heavier. But it was still her, three strangers, and her sister—at once all alone in the forest and together. These strangers clearly had kidnapped them but they’d also saved them from a deathly fate. So Mae stood on the cusp of a choice, to trust them, to work with them and in the process—make a deal that would shake the very foundation of her family’s core. But also save the ones who needed help the most—the children.

It wasn’t as hard a call to make as she would have thought.

Mostly because she was on the black list for a large grouping of her closest relatives at the moment and the idea of coming to them with her idea for help was worse than foolish, it could spell the death warrants of not just the children, but herself and Ember.

For knowing too much in a time it would seem that it was best to know nothing at all.

Decided she nodded to herself, turned back and stepped forward. As she did a chill wind blew into the clearing and directly at her—leaving her cold all over. If she was all superstitious, Mae would have taken the ghost that walked over her grave at that moment for a warning.

But she wasn’t.

Instead she put on the charm as much as she could and directed a compelling gaze to the woman who held her future in her hands.

Hers and her entire family’s it seemed.

Mae just desperately hope that her faith in the foreigner wasn’t misplaced…for all their sakes.


Upon release the 2nd book in the Algardis series will be live at

“Have you made up your mind?” Donna Marie asked in a commanding tone.

“I have,” Mae replied warily.

Donna Marie raised her eyebrows and looked at her. She wasn’t going to ask a second time.

A brief smile flashed over Mae’s face. The foreign woman’s imperious nature sometimes reminded her of Ember…in her most annoying habits.

“Alright, what’s next?” Mae asked with a heavy sigh. She was going in, whether she liked it or not.

Donna Marie’s eyes brightened as she smiled.

She didn’t waste any time in replying.

“Now, I take a look at what makes you and other females like you, so very special,” Donna Marie said in an encouraging voice. “Once my study is done, I can aid you in invoking that incantation you’re so desperate to see succeed.”

Mae’s voice stiffened as she said, “It will succeed.”

It has to, she said to herself.

Donna Marie shrugged, “It will or it won’t. But you’re on a strict timetable from what I gather and I…am not. So it’d be in your best interest to cooperate promptly.”

“I already said I would!” Mae snapped—bristling. She didn’t like being threatened.

“How long will this take anyway?” Mae said as the woman just watched her. Figuring she could move this along Mae started to unlace her front and prepared to be examined.

“A few hours at minimum,” the foreign woman said in a casual voice as she inched forward with predatory eyes.

Mae paused the moment those words uttered from Donna Marie’s mouth.

“Hours?” she said with a shocked gasp. “We don’t have that.”

“This isn’t just some etching I’m going to do on your chest girl,” Donna Marie replied quickly. “I need to not only to use my gifts to study your inked collar but I need to do it with your aid.”

“Why?” Mae said uncomfortable.

“Why what?” Donna Marie asked with irritation.

Mae stopped fiddling with the buttons that held her vested overcoat tight at her waist and stared at the foreign woman.

“Why do you need my help?” Mae said in a voice that was unshakeable. “You’re just studying them right?”

“Well—” Donna Marie started to say in an uncomfortable voice.

Mae squinted at her and looked over at Rivan to see if he had anything to say about this. But his gaze was narrowly focused off in the distance and unreadable in any case. As for Dot, he was looking directly at her with what Mae could only characterize as an avaricious look that immediately made her cringe.

“Just look at it and get on with it,” Mae complained.

Donna Marie flapped her hand as if to wish away any tension in the air and prompt her to move on.

“It’s a little bit more than that,” Donna Marie said in a weasely tone. “But I promise it won’t hurt.”

That wasn’t what Mae had asked and it stalled her movements even more than their prior conversation.

When Mae didn’t make a move to continue unveiling what Donna Marie so desperately wanted, the foreign woman begrudgingly added, “There’s something about that tattoo about your collarbone. It doesn’t react to coercion—”

And how would you know that? Mae wondered to herself as her hackles raised.

Who else had this woman approached to get what she’d needed…and what had she done for the access she obviously so desperately wanted?

“—in fact, your ancestors were quite devious about it,” Donna Marie said in an envious tone that Mae didn’t like. “They made the tattoos invisible to the naked eye unless you’re a mage—”

“Well, that explains why the girls in the village never really asked about what was right in front of them,” Mae muttered.

“—and resistant to inspection without the express approval of the bearer,” Donna Marie concluded.

Mae raised a curious eyebrow, “So you just have to ask and it can be studied?”

“No,” Donna Marie grumbled. “It’s rather more complex than that.”

Donna Marie frowned as she continued, “How can I explain this to one so ignorant to the complex intricacies of a mage warding?”

“You can try by using small words,” Mae said a bit incensed at being referred to as an idiot in her viewpoint—just not in so many words.

“I didn’t say that you were—,” Donna Marie started

“It’s a binding on your body,” Rivan interjected before Donna Marie could put her foot in her mouth any more than she already had.

The foreign woman turned to him with a look of almost relief on her face and Mae obliging turned her focus to the other young man, only to notice that he was staring directly at her with an intense she was startled by. Mae almost reached up to her face just to make sure she didn’t have any mud on her cheeks but that was just silly because she knew that she was in fact dirty, one didn’t race through an attic and get logged through a forest and stay clean throughout the process, but also he wasn’t looking at her face, but at her body.

And a rather inappropriate portion of her body if anything her grandmother had taught her was right, Mae thought annoying.

He was staring directly at her chest when he said it with narrowly focused eyes. Mae almost covered her top with her hands in affront until she noticed that his look wasn’t lascivious, it was concentrated.

He was studying it, she realized as she recognized the same look that had been on her own face countless times.

But how? Mae continued to wonder. Her skin was still covered by her clothes but that didn’t seem to matter to him.

Rivan continued in a methodical voice, “That binding makes it so your flesh hides the very well written layers of the spell written within it.”

“Spell, what spell?” Mae asked genuinely shocked.

Rivan sent her scorching look. “The tattoo,” he said in a disbelieving tone.

As if she was the fool for not realizing it in the first place.

And maybe she was but he didn’t have to take that tone with her. She was new to all of this!

Apparently deciding to take pity on her Rivan explained further, “The inked tattoos on your collarbone, and I suspect this is true for all the women in your commune—”

He paused there to glance over at Ember’s prone form resting against the tree. Mae resisted the instinctive urge to step in from of her sister’s body and instead let him continue his examination from a distance, a distance of several feet away from both Ember and herself. If he could study the tattoos from that far away and while she was covered, Mae was tempted to just tell Donna Marie to let Rivan do what needed to be done.

Jolting her from her reverie, Rivan continued as he said, “—this is the same. It’s more than just a design, representative marking of your family. As Donna Marie stated it binds your powers and precludes you from using them.”

“And how does it do that?” Donna Marie asked in a smooth leading tone.

She clearly already knew she was just trying to lead his explanation back to her original path of inquiry.

“By using spellwork to do so,” Rivan said through gritted teeth.

He even briefly balled his fingers into fists. Which Mae didn’t miss although Donna Marie was assiduously looking the other way at the moment, so perhaps it was as much for himself as it was for her.

Still the foreign woman nodded in appreciation as she said, “Thank you Rivan.”

“Don’t thank me,” the young man muttered. “Her family may have done a shitty thing but that spellwork is absolutely gorgeous. It’s alive in her skin.”

And this time both Donna Marie and Rivan were staring at the hidden ink with what Mae could only characterize as want.

“Well,” Mae said while clearing her throat and trying to break up their stares. “So you want to study how they inked the design?”

“That and more,” Donna Marie said eagerly.

Rivan shrugged. “It’ll take careful unlayering to see just how they laid down the spell framework I’m guessing. Starting with a bare look at your skin and moving into the field of aural divination as we descend into the realm of strictly mage sight.”

Mae stirred but she didn’t really have any knowledge what they were planning to do and how it would affect her, and from the looks on their faces—they had done just about all the explaining either was prepared to do.

Reluctantly, she said then “Okay, let’s get going then.”

She eyed Rivan warily as she did so while wondering if she had been keeping a tense eye on the wrong person all along.

He knew far too much about this ‘warding’ when even Donna Marie couldn’t definitely state such details. So how did he know it? Mae openly wondered with a question in her eyes as she looked at him.

Of course, he was now back to being silent with an interesting gleam in his eyes, his hand folded in front of him, and no more.

Donna Marie proceeded to begin.

“Well, as my fine traveling companion has so aptly stated,” Donna Marie said. “Your tattoos are composed of more than meets the eye. I will not only have to visually study it but dive into my magic to unravel the layers that make it a composition.”

“But you’re not going to…permanently remove it or anything?” Mae nervously stated.

“What?” Donna Marie blurted out caustically. “Oh no, I don’t believe that will be necessary.”

Mae let out a slow sigh of relief.

“That’s good,” she hurriedly replied. “I mean—not that I wouldn’t want it removed, but it would make my life easier if you could just…make the tattoo bend to your will for a moment, show me how to proceed with the incantation as a third in the mage triangle and then…we’ll all be on our way.”

“I’m sure we will,” Donna Marie replied with a bit of darkness in her tone.

Mae couldn’t precisely pinpoint on what part of their conversation had tripped her up though so she let it go as just a fanciful part of her imagination as Donna Marie continued to speak.

“Now that I have your verbal permission to assess your tattoos you must do one more thing first before we begin?” Donna Marie said.

“What?” Mae asked immediately with apprehension.

To be fair Donna Marie had yet to ask something of her she couldn’t easily physically give…but there was always something more on the horizon, which Mae didn’t like. But she had to play her gains to get to the cure to win.

“You must believe inside yourself that this is the right decision,” Donna Marie said. “Or it won’t work.”

“What won’t work?” Mae asked mystified.

“I won’t be able to access your ink,” Donna Marie said in a final note.

Frustrated at the delay now that she was finally ready to move on, Mae pulled aside the top of her collar and said, “What do you mean—it’s right here!”

“If you had a mirror in front of you right this moment, what you see and what I see would be very different,” Donna Marie explained.

“But you’re a mage!” Mae complained.

“I didn’t say the ink would be invisible to me,” Donna Marie snapped. “It just convolutes my study in a way we don’t need. You can thank your bull-headed ancestors.”

Mae grumbled and then said. “Fine, I believe you should see it.”

“Not just in your head, but in your heart,” Rivan said forcefully as he interjected again. “If you don’t it won’t work.”

Mae narrowed her eyes. “This is a lot of layers of security for some pretty ink…even if it does lock away my gifts. Even the male relatives in my family don’t have naturally intense gifts, just enough to set bone or encourage crops.”

Donna Marie nodded eagerly, “Now you see my conundrum. Why work so hard to lock something away that is essentially meaningless in nature.”

“I wouldn’t call it meaningless,” Mae cried—a little offended.

“Please,” Donna Marie said wryly. “There are toddlers in my cities which display more magic than the greatest of your elders. I am not boasting, it is a fact.”

“And yet the gifts needed to do what these backwards commune-dwellers have done outstrips more than the mage adepts at your fabled school,” Rivan murmured.

What school? Mae wondered as her ears perked up—not wanting to interrupt now that they’ve told her something.

“Nevertheless,” Donna Marie said firmly. “They individually are not so gifted which begs the question what are they hiding underneath these layers of spellwork.”

“And why hasn’t anyone discovered it before?” Rivan added in an echo of Donna Marie’s interest.

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Eighteen-year-old companion trainee Ciardis Weathervane has won the friendship of the royal heir and saved his claim to the throne. Yet her interference in the inheritance rights leaves more harm done than good. The inhabitants of the forest, magic-wielding non-humans, are defiant. They have not forgotten their long struggles nor are they content to watch as the last of their lands perish. With enemies closing ranks in Sandrin, Ciardis can little afford to leave the city’s nest of vipers to take on a new task. This second novel continues the story of Ciardis Weathervane from Sworn To Raise.


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As she launches a mission to re-capture Nissa Sardonien, Sara finds out that she’s not the only one playing a cat-and-mouse game. Apparently the Kades have been keeping a closer eye on her than even she knew, and when Sara meets Gabriel—their enigmatic leader with amethyst eyes—all bets are off.

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Blades Of Sorcery: Crown Service #3 Blurb Reveal & First Two Chapters

Hello all,

Here. We. Go. The sequel to Blades Of Magic: Crown Service #1 and Blades Of Illusion: Crown Service #2 is coming quite soon. Release date is pending but all I can say is don’t take your eyes off this website.


Blades Of Sorcery: Crown Service #3 Blurb Reveal

The night has lifted and Sara Fairchild is out for blood. But this time, it’s her own. A gifted fighter and a skilled battle mage, Sara is now fighting everything she stands for — her heritage. For too long, she has held onto the certainty that her father was an honorable man.

But what does honor mean when you’re at war and surrounded by corruption from all sides? As Sara Fairchild brings the Kades to their knees and manages to capture a prize that rivals Nissa Sardonien’s worth to imperial intelligence, she has to wonder — how far should she go to extract the secrets her Empress and her empire needs?

As she fights to outmaneuver her growing list of enemies and win a war that becomes more complicated by the day, Sara Fairchild knows that no matter what, the empire will never be the same.


Sara’s heart was beating rapidly. Blood was rushing through her veins as fast as if she was running a marathon. But she wasn’t. She was still. She was cautious. She wasn’t afraid, however. She was excited. Against all odds, as fire bloomed in the air above them all and even as the wave of heat coming off it was so hot that everyone had to shrink lower to avoid the flames, Sara still smiled.

She should have been furious. Even scared.

Because as soon as the Kades had seen their shield drop, they hadn’t run through the portal like scared children.

No, not them.

Instead she saw one man stride forward and use an object on his wrist to let a spate of magic fly. Like a blistering comet, it rose in the sky and went off in the distance. It didn’t come back, but what did—within minutes—was initiate a second shield.

Sara watched the shield bloomed across the night sky in a wave of gold like a flower unfurling and she cursed long and loud.

It was stronger than the first, she could feel it. That was never good.

In fact, it just made her night worse as she swallowed harshly and studied their new foe — a dome strong enough to hold them all inside as prisoners, until of course—the Kades elected to bring this one down as well.

It was visible even to the naked eye, which meant mages weren’t the only one cursing around her, as they watched some of their braver compatriots run up against the new dome. Sara guessed their objective was to bring it down by sheer physical will. Maybe even push through its enhancements, but even from here she could tell that wouldn’t work. And as she, they, watched — those individuals were thrown back as soon as they touched it.

Sara stared at the prison dome with revilement. It was the bane of her existence, but she forced herself to look away. She couldn’t focus on it for very long because they were still trapped inside with numerous Kades and, well…it wasn’t going as well as she could have hoped.

A normal person would have worried themselves crazy in a situation like this, boxed in by enemies on all sides with natural flame raining down on her and her compatriots’ heads as well as weapons coming in at them from every angle. She was always on her guard, as were the others, but she wasn’t frantic. And neither were those surrounding her.

Tensing, Sara twisted to the side at the last moment to deflect a glancing blow from a foolish first guard of the Kades, who came at her head-on with only a pike in his offense. She snorted with amusement as she took care of him with a casual swipe of her sword across his neck. He froze for a moment, blue eyes wide with shock as he looked at her in confusion. Sara gave him a small, sympathetic smile, but there was nothing else for anyone to do for him now. He was a lucky one. She’d given him as merciful death as anyone could on the field of battle, and as he opened his mouth in one last reflexive moment of desperation, she knew that he realized that.

A calmness descended in his eyes as his knees crumbled, his bloodless hands dropped the pike in his grip, and a small gurgle of blood bubbled up from the clean line she’d carved into his neck. Then there was no more; he was gone as his spirit left his eyes and his body fell to the ground. Her attention was already elsewhere as she watched for more enemies, but they were already being taken care of by the others. So Sara took advantage of the lull in activity after his death to take in her group. The group of thirteen individuals, originally fourteen, who had stood by her side as they fought their way back from a cleanup crew that had turned out to be a rotation meant to end in a  death sentence. Only together had they survived and only together now would they do the same again.

Her gaze first landed on Karn, the man who — even with his foolish pride and bravado — had to be one of the best fighters in her group, if not the best. Herself excluded of course. His weapon of choice was a double-bladed axed which he swung around effortlessly as sweat poured down his dark brown chest and he laughingly took on the enemies surrounding him.

Sara’s lips twitched even if as she ducked and grabbed a knife off the fallen Kade to throw it directly at one of his many kinsmen surrounding Karn. The knife landed in that person’s left shoulder blade and seconds later as his body arced back in a pain-filled spasm in response, Karn finished him off by removing his head from his body.

The man then had the audacity to wink at her before turning back to his admiring fans. Which is precisely why Sara liked him, even though he could be a bigoted asshole when he so chose, he did so with a continuous joy for life in his eyes. Even now, with none of the enemies being able to so much as scratch him, Karn was swinging that axe back and forth while laughing in their faces.

Marx, who stood back to back with Isabelle, was swinging a long sword with dexterity as she fired arrow after arrow into enemies further afield. Reben, Sanir, and another person that Sara couldn’t quite identify through the heavy smoke around him were fighting their own battles. One large mage creature, an orc that she had never seen before but recognized from a description given to her by a tutor she hated—it had elongated arms and tusks in place of its front molars, and was pummeling Reben and Sanir without mercy. Sara flinched as she saw the orc break Sanir’s arm and throw him off into the distance like a rag doll. She wanted to go to them, but she only had time to catch glimpses of their defensive tactics as she moved to stand with Karn, holding back a different wave of enemies—even though her opponents were human, they were far trickier foes, with the dexterity and the imagination to shift between fighters and tactics.

Cursing as a particularly adept young Kade guard with spinning knives got close enough to her that her weapons were ineffective, Sara stumbled back. Deliberately. She was trying to gain some space. It was quite hard, after all, to cleave someone through with a sword when they were close enough to kiss you. But he seemed to know exactly what she was doing, sticking to her skin like honey with a maniacal gleam in his eyes. Deciding she had had enough of that and the continuous nicks of his knives against her skin, she went on the offensive.

Giving herself no time to hesitate or think it through, Sara lunged forward with all the force she could muster and head-butted him straight on, her unprotected forehead against his armored metal plate. It hurt like the dickens, but it got what she wanted done. She was free, and she put those extra feet of space that he had unwillingly introduced to good use. Sara raised her right hand overhead quickly and brought it down in a smooth sweep. His chest was covered with more armor plate, just like his head, but his collarbone was curiously vulnerable, and that was what she aimed for. Like a hot knife through butter, her sword went in at his throat and down through muscle and bone until it halted mid-abdomen. That was enough for her. She pulled herself and her sword back with one long step. Then, with a smirk of her own, Sara Fairchild watched this human menace crumble to the ground dead, and she stood up, surveying the field again.

She noted that her compatriots were in just as much trouble as before, but with some stunning displays of showmanship, Karn had managed to whittle down his opponents from an overwhelming four to a fairer two.

That had to be good enough, because those others weren’t looking so good.

As the orc lumbered toward Reben and the person Sara couldn’t identify still held back—knowing one of his fellow fighters was down and the other about to be crushed—Sara cursed and shouted at Karn, “I’m going to help them out.”

Out of the corner of her eye, she saw him briefly drop his axe before he flipped a nearby heavy pole lengthwise and use it to shove his dual opponents back like a battering ram. It wouldn’t have worked so well if the pole he used hadn’t been on fire. Flames licked up and down the staff with wicked heat, forcing them to be wary of its touch. As for Karn, the flames didn’t seem to bother him…at all.

Sara filed that surprise away for later.

“Fine, I’ll hold this down,” Karn shouted back without taking his eyes off the armored Kade who had fallen to the ground, and the other that was already maneuvering to outflank him with evil intent in his eyes. Karn just kept his pole lengthwise and jerked it forward, forcing the maneuvering guy away with cautious steps and his friend to scramble backward on his butt. It looked like he could handle this for the moment, but Sara could already see others advancing on their position. They were using the smoke from the multiple fires burning at this point to shield their actions.

“Karn, look northwest—we’ve got more approaching,” she called out.

He glanced over but kept his focus on the two now facing him down.  “Go! I told you I’ve got these ones.”

Sara grimaced. She didn’t want to leave him, but she didn’t have a choice.

With clean slices of her swords, she cut throats where she could and cleared a way to the others in trouble. But it turned out she had spoken too soon. They weren’t flailing now—their opponent was. The orc was stumbling back with ferocious cries as it held up its paw and clawed at its face in pain. Its entire head was on fire.

“Guess they didn’t need my help after all,” Sara said as she flashed a grin at a Kade first guard who had gotten too close for comfort and managed to wallop her good in the face.

She stumbled back, but she wasn’t down. Instead, Sara dropped her right-hand sword and, quick as lightning, jerked her hand to dislodge the knife that she had in her wrist sheath. It went straight into his eye and he toppled like a felled tree.

Smirking in satisfaction, she was surging forward again. This time back to Karn.

Karn gaped at the group she had gone to help and whistled. “Where did that come from?”

As they watched, the orc swung its head back and forth, trying to extinguish the inferno, but nothing helped. Fortunately for the orc, it did have a mage on its team. The invasion force’s leader waved impatiently at an initiate, who stepped out from behind its protective detail and a line of archers.

The initiate, a mage with blossoming powers who had strength in many particular areas but had yet to settle on one above all others, raised a hand, which, even from this distance, Sara could tell was held pompously, and cast a spell to rid the orc of the flames and mute its pain.

“Well, that was quick,” Karn murmured.

“Maybe not quick enough,” Sara replied as she nodded toward the bright fire in the distance. “Look.”

He did, and they both saw what she had finally spotted minutes before.

The person she hadn’t been able to make out was now highly visible and resplendent, lit by the fire surrounding them rather than masked by its smoke. It would have been beautiful, if the look on their face hadn’t been so deadly. As Sara watched and waited for the moment she might need to step in, the male figure walked forward with a slight dip in his stride. Confident but maimed. She frowned, wondering, then as now, what a person like this was doing on the battlefield.

But her doubts were soon assuaged, because it became crystal clear that this person could fight, in their own special way. He stepped forward to take on the orc, walking around it in a wide arc that had Sara wondering if this fascinating individual was just trying to stay out of the reach of its claws or had something entirely different planned. She quickly realized that the orc was tracking him, and as he hobbled in a half-circle around the creature, it followed him, giving the battered Reben time to fall back before those meaty fists could wallop her anymore. Reben didn’t bother going for Sanir, from the way his body lay on the ground unmoving even Sara could tell he was dead from this distance.

But as her eyes tracked the man who was baiting the orc, Sara had the thought that Sanir’s death wouldn’t be in vain. For one thing, this mysterious man with a hobble seemed smarter than he looked…and a better strategist than she had given him credit for. Perhaps he wasn’t the coward she had thought he was, but only time would tell if that would be enough for him to defeat the orc.

She was too far away to make any difference in the outcome if the creature decided to swing its hammy fists at his head, and besides—Sara was of the opinion that a warrior should be given the option to stand on their own two feet for first time. Reben had done so and taken a walloping in doing it. Karn had proven his mettle as well.

Let this mercenary, and mercenary he was—she could tell by the bright colors of the clothing he wore and the standard-issue boots on his feet—prove his mettle.

If he could.

Blades Of Sorcery will be available at


Wishing him well Sara turned back to the opponents who were determined to take her head off, forget the hobbled stranger’s. She ducked one person’s clumsy throw of a rock while casting them an evil eye for even trying.

Then another person came at her out of the corner of her eye, and she couldn’t duck — only deflect his first blow and position herself to take advantage of the fact that he was thrown off balance. With a swift kick to his upper abdomen, Sara kept him on his guard as she tried to keep her gaze half on the orc and his opponent, and half on her own—the man who was rapidly turning this into a dance of swords. Being distracted wasn’t good battlefield tactics and certainly wasn’t what her father had taught her, but she was learning to think on her feet, and keeping a wary eye out for opponents with the potential to advance on you was a part of that.

At least…that’s what she told herself.

It didn’t take much convincing though. Although this new opponent had seemed capable at first, he kept leaving himself open to attacks that would have end his life minutes before if she hadn’t been half-focused somewhere else. As it was this clumsy lout who had thought to take her own was as green as they came. She was quite surprised at his lack of talent, and wondered if the Kade first guard—and, by extension, the Kade rebellion—was more hard up for actual warriors than they’d first appeared. It wouldn’t surprise her, but that boded well for the empire in the end.

With a surge of pride, Sara jumped wide and came fast on the left side of the guard. She didn’t bother using her weapon against him. Instead, she shoved him toward the rocky outcropping, forcing his sword hand to be pinned uselessly against his side, and then grabbed him by his long, greasy hair with a ferocity that surprised even herself and slammed his head against the rocky outcropping with such force that it split like a melon with the first blow.

Standing up as his body slumped down, Sara wasn’t sorry. She did pity him, though.

The Kades had sent him in with no more preparation than an unseasoned chicken. He hadn’t known enough to never get outflanked, he hadn’t even been wearing a helmet, and his footwork was shoddy. It had been like killing an enemy Cams — the youngest and most vulnerable members of the Mercenary’s Guild. Which told her that the Kades had horrible trainers, because even a ‘Cam wouldn’t make all of these mistakes at once, including allowing themselves to be cornered where no aid could get to them. It had only taken seconds for her to end his life once she had him backed into a corner.

Shaking her head though, Sara didn’t let this imbecile get to her. She couldn’t. Just because she knew he’d gotten the short end of the stick, didn’t mean she could have afforded to cut him any slack. No one got that…ever. Because the single time she did take it upon herself to pity an individual, well she was pretty certain that same person would be the one who ended up stabbing her in the back. Snapping out of daze as she stood over his fallen body, Sara turned away, gritted her teeth and dove back in to the fray. Fortunately for her, the group fighting around her had shielded her back as she wallowed in a bit of disgust at the state of the man-child she had killed. When she looked back over at the orc confrontation, Sara’s eyes widened in surprise to see the hobbling warrior was shining as bright as the sun.

Fire, flames, energy, and magic licked around the hobbling stranger as if he was the source of all that made light in the world, and he responded by standing taller than she had seen him before. As if just by emanating that sort of magic, he absorbed it and threw it back out tenfold.

Sara was astonished, but Karn was not.

“Huh, well, I guess it makes sense now,” he said while staring at the person who had caught all of their attentions.

“What does?” Sara asked as she glanced around, flummoxed. Even the enemy Kades had halted their advance to turn around and watch the fight between one of their orcs and, apparently, a mage on the opposite side—Sara’s side.

This mage had transfixed every single person within viewing distance, and Sara could see why. As the hobbling individual’s power grew around him, magic flowed into the center of them all and was released in waves, and it felt as if they were all being battered by ever-increasing power. Power that was all-consuming and mesmerizing. It wasn’t tangible, and that was the only mercy. It was like drowning in your own mind, as you couldn’t look away even if you wanted, and you would be forced to watch yourself slowly be consumed by what was coming. Sara felt like she was standing in the midst of a tidal pool that was gradually building into a tsunami, and even she was frightened—as a mage whose primary focus was the physical manifestation of her gift, which gave her the ability to be stronger, faster, and, in general, a better fighter than most, this was different than anything she had ever experienced before. She was out of her depth, and mages whose gifts extended to the ephemeral aspects of magic and manipulation of the currents around them—even they had to be in awe of the gifts they all felt here.

Then they had no more time for awe, as the hobbling mage finally completed his journey away from the bright magic he had been building higher and higher, and Sara realized his intent hadn’t just been to distract his opponent, the orc. No, instead he had managed to position himself directly on a nexus point of power, one of the many that Sara knew the empire had scattered throughout the land for times of need. They were wells of magic used to restore the abundance of stored gifts to the people to the land if all else fell. Well, this mage was managing to tap into something only the empress herself should have been able to unlock. Sara didn’t know how, and there was no one to question it but her and the few mages who could also see and understand what he was doing.

Besides, she knew that at the moment they had bigger problems.

Because she could see his aura clearly now.

And she suddenly knew what he was. But she couldn’t say it. That was okay—she didn’t have to, because Kade finally answered her.

“You get it now, don’t you? The orc fears him because of what he is—someone who controls nature itself,” Kade said in a hushed, reverent tone.

“And what’s that?” she asked while leveling her sword out at her side.

She had no chance of using her blade, though. It was a physical weapon in a battle that would clearly call upon magical gifts beyond her knowledge. Even the orc looked afraid.

“What is he?” Sara demanded of Karn with a voice that was ever-increasing in aggression. Not fear. Never fear.

Finally, he answered, “A mage who can call upon the very fires of the earth.”

Sara shook her head. That didn’t give her an explanation. An explanation of how to defeat him, how to hobble him in the same way his physical body hobbled his movements. Yes, she knew he was an ally, but her instincts were telling her something different. Something was off here. His power alone was too great, and with the magic he was drawing from the nexus increasing with every breath they took, she worried that whatever he unleashed next would evaporate them all.

But she couldn’t do anything about it. The only thing she could do was brace herself and hope they were all ready for it. Whatever it was.

Hunkering down as best she could while keeping her weapons ready, Sara grimaced and waited.

She had never allowed herself to be taken by surprise while in battle, and she wasn’t going to start doing so now. He was dangerous, and as he released his gift in a wave they never saw coming, she had one depressing thought: If this is what the imperial army has been fighting with for the past half-year, what horrors must the Kades have back in their own fields?

Even watching it slowly evolve hadn’t prepared her for his mastery. It wasn’t just flames and fire responding to his call. But the creatures she’d only heard about in legend—creatures built of fire and flame that lived deep within the earth where only molten rivers burned day-and-night. She watched them dance around their master with a giddy delight that couldn’t be more beautiful as they danced in the night and their skins shone with a brightness that rivaled the dome imprisoning them all in from above.

“An inferni master,” she said with just as much awe in her voice as there was terror. It wasn’t just the creatures that he was controlling which made her tense. It was the fact to even get down to the ecosystem in which they lived, and survive the encounter himself, he would have to be a high-level adept in his field. Someone the likes of which she had never seen before. As long as he was in control of his powers, this was a good thing. But being a master didn’t always denote skill, just pure power.

Sara could be a master battle mage if she tested for it, but she had no interest in subjecting herself to that battery of assault, and the crimes of her father prevented the daughter for being called forth to do so anyway. No one wanted a traitor’s girl ranked among the best in the empire. Not publicly, anyway. What she had done on the streets of Sandrin was her business, and she had the feeling that whatever she did on the fields of battle would be too.

The fact that he was a master in his gift on top of being able to tap into the nexus of power didn’t bode well for the opposing side. Hell, he was supposedly on her side, and still she had an uneasy feeling about this. Too much power in one person, which could make him almost unstoppable. As for his natural gifts’ inclination to call forth inferni, she didn’t think one had been called forth in more than two decades, but, well it was working. The orc was trembling, frozen where it stood in terror.

Stepping back, Sara looked for the inferni master’s superior officer, the man commanding him to build and build on his gifts, but she didn’t see one. The only thing she knew about him was that he wasn’t one of her group, so he had to be one of mercenaries from elsewhere. Judging by his garments, he was one of the Red Lion mercenaries working for Captain Kansid. She’d just feel a lot better if his captain had taken the field with him as well.

Sara had to wonder where the rest of the mercenaries were, anyway. They should have been by their sides in this encampment field as soon as the warning call went out and the shield wall went down for the first time. Now it was too late, they were fighting an invasion force alone and to top it off the other side could potentially get reinforcements through their portals that she couldn’t. It sucked.

Staring around at the numbers she could count on her side Sara saw no one other than the soldiers and mercenaries who had been caught off guard with her. The ones who hadn’t died, anyway.

They were half-garbed, fully sloshed with too much to drink, and woefully unprepared against the Kades. She and her team and had only managed to hold back the Kades by the skin of their teeth because of the rock formation that had sheltered them at first. Now it was too late to back down, and the field was too tense with magic to move forward.

This didn’t look right. It didn’t feel right, and suddenly Sara knew that her label for this mage was ineffectual. It wasn’t wrong, but it wasn’t right, either—it didn’t encompass all that this mage was and would become.

No, he wasn’t just an inferni master.

He was something more. Much more.

She just didn’t want to find out what it was. Deciding that she’d had enough of show and tell, Sara stepped forward, glaring in defiance at the bright energy that was building around them fast and hard, like they stood in the eye of a typhoon about to hit them all.

As the air around her grew warmed and she found herself battered by waves of magic and heat, she realized she need to make a stand.

Raising her sword up in front of her, edge out, Sara Fairchild said a prayer to the gods above and below, and she walked forward.

Blades Of Sorcery will be available at

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Classrooms, schools, and libraries are are on the vanguard of opening new doors to readers of all ages by making books available to a broader market. Even with greater interest, there are budget restraints for our libraries and schools – so authors get a lot of requests for free copies of our books. I wish we could send one to everyone who asks! But just because I can’t send you a physical copy doesn’t mean young readers can’t and shouldn’t have access to them! To that end Terah Edun Publishing has reached out, gained connections, and garnered a strong presence in the library eBook market.

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Announcing the Blades of Magic Re-Read Marathon AND a sneak peek into Blades of Illusion!

Hello readers,

November is turning into an exciting month!

I know that many of you are extremely excited for the next book in my second Algardis Universe series – well, wait no further! We’re getting started on it now and giving you a chance to bone up on the Crown Service series before we launch. So, it’s time to get super hyped for the new material and read along!

In anticipation of a lot of readers who don’t remember precisely what happened in Blades of Magic, Rachel and I are hosting a re-read marathon in the Guild starting TOMORROW, NOVEMBER 1ST!

Every five days we’ll start a brand new set of chapters, discuss the twists and turns, and talk about what we loved about this particular book. November 1st will begin the discussion of Chapters 1-5, so you’re right on time to join in!

If you are interested in participating, then grab up your paperback or ebook copy and join your fellow readers in our private Facebook group. If you haven’t bought Blades of Magic yet then we offering a special free addition only to read-along members so that no one is left behind!

We really hope you enjoy the first book in the series and are looking forward to book two!


Next, if you’d like a (unedited) sneak peek into BLADES OF ILLUSION: CROWN SERVICE #2 read on for an excerpt of Chapter 1! As soon as I can I will be announcing a RELEASE DAY on this post as well, so happy to be diving back into the world of Sara Fairchild of the Crown Service series. 😀

As Sara Fairchild stumbled through the portal doorway in front of her, the victorious shouts of the First Division members behind her did nothing to comfort her.

She was stiff with anger and furious at their betrayal.

Captain Simon Barthis and his mercenaries had proved just moments before that they were everything she had despised as a child — ruthless, uncaring and most of all — disloyal.

They had not only left their comrades, men and women behind, but had actually knowingly engineered a strategy which all but guaranteed the massacre of hundreds of fellow mercenaries in their ranks.

She couldn’t understand how they now held their heads high as they walked through the summoned portal beside and behind her.

Sara’s lip curled into a sneer as her hands itched by her side. She had only one weapon remaining — her childhood sword — but that was all she needed to start lopping off heads until the ground at her feet was littered with the round remains.

It would be fitting end to their cowardice after all.  This was no way to honor their dead and she knew that she had been right as a child, mercenaries were the dirt beneath a true soldier of Algardis’s feet.

More excerpts for the new book – Blades of Illusion: Crown Service #2 coming soon! Dip into the Blades of Magic re-read discussion while you wait. 😉

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Three New Releases including Sworn To Quell: Courtlight #10

Readers, I can’t thank you all enough for the emails, the messages, and the love! Seriously, you light up my life. I am happy to tell you that Sworn To Quell: Courtlight #10 is DONE DONE DONE. It is one of the longest books I’ve written in this series at 85,000 words and I seriously hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed writing it. Without further ado, here is your latest release in the Algardis Universe!


Check out what the ARC Readers had to say about Book 10:

“Intriguing and nail biting anticipation to see what is going to happen page after page.” – Mary

“Definitely in love with this book. The series as a whole has been amazing and kept my interest the whole time.” -JennBerry

“Lots of twists, turns, and epic surprises await you. So prepare yourself and enjoy!”

-Samantha Pavia

Ciardis Weathervane witnessed the collapse of her empire’s system of governance. Because everything pivoted on the rule of one man. Now she must forge a new path. Through the madness. Through the chaos.

Still with the imperial palace in ruins, and the coalition between the nobles and the rebellion falling apart, there is no more time. No time to rule. No time to justify.

The god was here for retribution, and her triad would be forced to rise to the occasion or fall under its own bluster.

With an emperor dead, a prince heir uncrowned, and a people lost in the wilderness of death and destruction every which way they turn, Ciardis faces her most challenging assignment yet. Picking up the pieces. Mending the coalition. Winning the hearts and minds of Sebastian’s people. The people she could now call her own.

The heavens have come to earth. It remains to be seen if the earth will fall before its might.

Next, last but not least – below the two latest compilations/boxed sets that I have to offer you!


Many of you have emailed and asked for more compilations and boxed sets! So today, in addition to the brand new release of Sworn To Quell: Courtlight #10, I am announcing the release of:

Algardis Universe Short Stories: Compendium 1

Courtlight Series Boxed Set: Books 7-9

The short stories compendium is for the readers who prefer to have a single compact set to peruse at their leisure of my pre-released (and free on the newsletter: short stories set in the lands you are familiar with from the Courtlight and Crown Service series. It includes the first three short stories written in the Algardis Universe: The Rose Hedgewitch, Across The Arid Seas, and Lillian In Heels.

Next, the Courtlight Series Boxed Set is a compilation of the last three books in the Courtlight Series: Sworn To Vengeance, Book 7, Sworn To Sovereignty, Book 8, and Sworn To War, Book 9. You can grab both the boxed set and the compendium on all retail stores including Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, iBooks, and Google Play.

Last but not least, my next release is BLADES OF ILLUSION: CROWN SERVICE #2. I’ll be announcing the new cover details and a brand new trailer soon, so please subscribe to the BLOG to get your updates immediately. For those wondering, Sworn To Quell is the 10th book in a 12 book series. There are two more and then the Courtlight series is complete!











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To all the Librarians and Schoolteachers! All of my current titles are now available on OverDrive through my new publisher account – Terah Edun Publishing.

You can now continue to purchase the Courtlight, Crown Service and future series through this link:

In addition, I have an exclusive interview with MediaShift and recommendations list over on OverDrive! Hope you enjoy. 🙂 For the past three years (wow, time flies!) my goal has been simple. Expand my readership. I see librarians and teachers as well as their library catalogs and classrooms as a HUGE part of that. Well, today I’m happy to announce that Terah Edun Publishing is now a Publisher Partner on OverDrive – the largest eBook library catalog service in the entire world.

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Thanks to this already awesome partnership, the Courtlight series and the Crown Service series are now available in public libraries in over half the states in the United States as well as Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia, Singapore, South Africa, and Great Britain.

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In My Inbox: Book Reports for 7th Grade, The Ultimate eBook Creator, and Instagram!

Hi Readers,

It’s been a year since I posted an IN MY INBOX feature from earlier, so I thought I’d update you all on some emails:


I was wondering what format you happen to use for writing. For instance Word Processing or something like Ultimate eBook Creator?

I have always wanted to be a writer since my 6th grade teacher introduced the class to poetry. My parents or lack there of, were unreceptive. Fortunately that is behind me and I have a very supportive husband. The book I have started was finished in my Word Document but due to a sudden computer crash today, my only back up is from April, where it was unfinished… So I need to start over but I want to do it right, with some insight 😊 And I love the Courtlight and Crown Service series. I have them all on my kindle. Can’t wait to read more 😊


Hi Ericka, thanks for the love! I’m sorry about your lost files. Those are a writer’s worst nightmares. For writing, everyone has different habits that are ingrained. I always use Microsoft Word because that’s what I’m used to. George R.R. Martin uses a stripped down processor called WordStar. However most writers I know use Scrivener. Its a dedicated software located on that keeps your work in separate folders and manageable files.

In order to keep from loosing it still, I recommend saving your working file in multiple places. You can email it to yourself, upload it to the Cloud or to a service like Dropbox, or have auto-backs on your computer into a separate hard drive.

Whatever works for you. Good luck!

LETTER TWO FROM SOPHIE (a 7th grade student):

Hi! I am doing a school book report that is due, and I chose Terah Edun’s book – Sworn to Raise. (It’s an awesome book by the way, cant wait for the new one!!!) and I need information on the author. I was hoping that you could tell me a little bit about your past ex- where you grew up, or where you went to school, as I could not find anything about your background. Thanks!!


It was super sweet of you to write me and I’m very sorry that I took more than a week to get back to you. I’m a bit overwhelmed with work.

In answer to your questions:

I grew in Atlanta, GA (my whole family lives in the Southeastern part of the U.S.), I later moved to go to college in Pennsylvania – a women’s institution called Bryn Mawr College, and then I spent some time traveling the world. I’ve lived in Spain, Morocco, the United Arab Emirates, South Sudan, and Kenya. I really enjoyed seeing different parts of the globe and I think a lot of those travels bleed over into my writing and give me a great sense of dynamic diversity.

Hope your paper went well!


Hello, unfortunately I noticed you where doing a rep search a little to late. I just thought I would email to see if there are any more spaces or if there may be some more in the future. In the meantime if there is anything that needs doing that I could help you with please let me know,even if it is just reposting your post and photos I don’t mind! My blog on Instagram is called betweenthebinders…I know it’s a long shot but I thought I would give me a go!

many thanks for your time


Hi Poppy,

We would love to have you as an Instagram Rep for #ShatterAnEmpire!

In the Instagram post, we were only looking for 2 #ShatterAnEmpire Reps, but so many dozens of people emailed in that I couldn’t say no to the gracious support. We are so happy to have you on the team and as soon as you confirm you’re good to go. I have some surprises in store for the reps as well. ^.^


On Book Reports, I’m happy to help with assignments but sometimes I don’t get back to readers as quickly as I would like. I’ll be updating with more information, so that your reports and grades aren’t predicated on my ability to answer you super fast.

On #ShatterAnEmpire, for those of you who don’t know, my slogan for all of my books and series that fall within the Algardis Universe (which includes the Courtlight series, the Crown Service series and two as of yet unreleased series – SacredCourt and Algardis) is: Let’s Shatter An Empire!

The hashtag to support any of my books on social media therefore is #ShatterAnEmpire. If you want me to share your pics, your quotes, and your messages just use that tag and it’ll be found no matter the series.

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Summary & Cover Reveal for Sworn To Quell: Courtlight #10


Sworn To Quell: Courtlight #10

Ciardis Weathervane witnessed the collapse of her empire’s system of governance. Because everything pivoted on the rule of one man. Now she must forge a new path. Through the madness. Through the chaos.

Still with the imperial palace in ruins, and the coalition between the nobles and the rebellion falling apart, there is no more time. No time to rule. No time to justify.

The god was here for retribution, and her triad would be forced to rise to the occasion or fall under its own bluster.

With an emperor dead, a prince heir uncrowned, and a people lost in the wilderness of death and destruction every which way they turn, Ciardis faces her most challenging assignment yet. Picking up the pieces. Mending the coalition. Winning the hearts and minds of Sebastian’s people. The people she could now call her own.

The heavens have come to earth. It remains to be seen if the earth will fall before its might.

Also in relevant news, the 10th book in the Courtlight series is coming in October 2016. However I need to do some further revisions and edits, so I am pushing back the Amazon release date. I’d much rather add more to the book and make it a purchase that will blow you away than to just push something out that isn’t the best book I can write. So another 20,000 words to go and you’ll have your sequel to Sworn To War! Woohoo.

For those of you expecting the release of Quell in the next two weeks, sorry to dissapoint but I promise its going to be awesome. I’m lining up the best beta readers and development team as well to knock this out of the park.

However, I’m not leaving you high and dry. While you won’t get Sworn To Quell in the next 10-12 days, you will get LILLIAN IN HEELS. The short story I promised you that would explore the life of Lillian Weathervane before she became the mother of our most infamous protagonist. The story is finished, has been approved by beta readers, and is with my short story editor currently.


You’ll get to read all 8,350 words of Lillian’s mini-story this Friday! If you’re a member of mailing list ( you will receive a PDF download of the short story in your email two days in advance. So sign up today!

Lastly, if I’m not here on the blog then you can always find me on Twitter or Instagram. I’ve been having some great fun with readers from all around the world. Check out and LIKE some of their pictures of the Courtlight swag packs by searching the #shatteranempire hashtag on social media! Then grab yours today for only $9.99:





Best of Bookish Gifts: Store Sale AND T-Shirts Galore

09/03/16: Wow, I’ve already gotten emails from Canada and the UK asking for the Support Packs. So I’ve added international shipping. Enjoy!

Somehow I never got around to announcing that I have a new store:

There you’ll be able to find a few bookish related items such as jewelry, signed books, and branded satin bags to go along with your reads from me. I’m trying to keep the selection small (and shipping to U.S. Only) as I don’t have a ton of time to keep an eye on dozens of items. I think the bracelets are quite pretty but today I’m most excited to announce the product on the top of the store list! That’s right, we’re now offering new SUPPORT PACKS – in regular ($9.99) and mega-support variety. 😉

Promotional Banner

This is a one-stop-and-shop combination designed to get everything you’ve wanted in a single grab bag.

IMG_3048 SM

Each Courtlight Support Pack includes:

1 T-Shirt (Adult Size in S, M, L, XL, or 2XL)

1 Signed Paperback of Sworn To Raise (with new cover art)

1 Set of Bookmarks

1 Set of Buttons

1 Sticker Sheet

1 Algardis Satin Bag

All of that in one mailing for $9.99. Shipping included. I know, amazing right? It’s pretty impossible to find that combination of swag and goodies anywhere for such a low price. As of right now, I am not selling signed paperbacks or t-shirts separately, but if I do the support pack pricing will change.


NEXT! I am so excited to let you know that you are not limited to just my store for custom Algardis Universe merchandise! I am proud to announce that Upon A Day Dreamer, an amazing graphic artist, has opened a Society 6 store and included the ‘Shatter An Empire’ tagline in a line of apparel for me as a featured author.

So you are welcome to buy merchandise from her as well. You can see more examples of her Society 6 merchandise below.

UPON A DAY DREAMER Society 6 Store

Go crazy and get all the things! The great thing about the Upon A Day Dreamer shop (and others like it) is that you can get any shirt size, color, and/or fit you want. Want a sweatshirt? She’s got it! How about a fitted t-shirt with v-neck? Also available! I love variety like that and the design is stunning too!





Happy shopping! And if YOU decide to open a reader/artist merchandise store with items related to my books, I am more than happy to give you a shout out too! Just send an email.

Supporting Girls Any Way I Can

It’s one of those fast/slow weeks in-between releases when I’m drafting like crazy but not yet bogged down by release week preparations. So I’m going to share part of an email I got from a school in Florida.

“I am the Executive Director of a school for at-risk Girls called PACE Center for Girls. We are located in Polk County, FL. Our girls are currently doing an Accelerated reading program and many have started to read your series.”

Firstly, hats off to all the teachers and educators and librarians who have somehow found their way to my small corner of the universe. It’s a treat every time I hear from one of you. The letter continues on and after I connected back with the Executive Director I agreed to share materials with the PACE Center in Polk.

So I’m sending those lovely girls three hardcovers (books I’ve purchased myself), bookmarks, cards, and lots of love – because its important to support girls nationwide and I want to do all I can to help with that cause. And big thank you to the PACE Center for reaching out and to the amazing girls who are reading my books!

If you are a Teacher, Librarian, Educator or Bookseller, as always my inbox is open! Reach out to Rachel @ I’d love to work with you in any capacity, especially in support of young readers.

Sworn To War: Courtlight #9 Cover + Blurb Reveal

Sworn To War Cover

I want to thank all my readers for continuing on the  journey with me through the Courtlight series! I hope you’re enjoying reading Sworn To Sovereignty and are getting all geared up to read Sworn To War! Without further ado, sit back my pretties and read the summary of Ciardis Weathervane’s new adventure!



Ciardis Weathervane is facing a war on two fronts. One with the dragons. One with the deities.

She is ready to face the god that they’ve known was coming for months, but the people that she thought would coalesce around her are faltering under the pressure, the lies and the deceit.

She knows that the very foundation between ruler, nobility, and commoner had fractured down to its core. Now the capital city and its people need to be reforged, bound in fire before they’re consumed by brimstone.

But the citizens of the empire need more than a speech to believe in the rulers that betrayed them just days before. With their empire on the line, Sebastian lays out his first ruling edict which may be more than even he bargained for.

As Sandrin comes together once more before the final struggle, the daemoni prince is struck down and the princess heir-in-waiting has doubts as to whether they can forge a more perfect union without the one that completes their souls.

With Thanar trapped in purgatory while they fight to resurrect the city that gave them lifeCiardis and Sebastian are in a battle to the death against a god bent on living forever.

Click to pre-order on Amazon, iBooks, or Google Play today.