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Mages By Chance: Algardis #1

Maeryn ‘Mae’ Darnes is a young woman torn between two worlds…life or death. She has watched her siblings slowly wither away just like all the others blighted by the cursed Darnes bloodline. These two will be dead within days.

When the outsiders come and promise wonders, how can she say no? Only they have the ability to heal the babies. But her elders refuse their only demand—that a woman of Mae’s family strike the symbol of their heritage from her neck, the tattooed collar.

Removing the collar is so anathema that not even the mother of the dying children will risk it. But Mae will. Whatever the punishment, she knows she’ll survive and so will they. In secret, she works in concert with the mages to undo what her family has done. The elders are furious. They cast her out but its too late, Mae now knows why no woman in her family has removed the inked design in five generations.

The moon winks at her in her sleep, fire leaps to her call at a glance, and she phases between cities when she hiccups. With no other choice and a family who will no longer even say her name, she leaves with the outsiders, the mages who saved her siblings when no one else could. But deep down Mae wonders if she may have unleashed something far more powerful than a blood curse in doing so.

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