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Mages By Fortune: Algardis #2

In this second book in the Algardis series, Mae is left with few choices about who to trust now that darkness within her own family has been uncovered. With children dying, Mae realizes that she must do the unthinkable and in doing so–face exile.

After uncovering a plot to use the wasting illness to activate their own mage powers, Maeryn Darnes doesn’t trust anyone. That’s a good thing as her own family is after her now.

With her blood plotting against her, Mae must turn to the outsiders for aid. In secret, she works with them to strike the symbol of her family’s heritage from her neck—the famed tattooed collar.

But in undoing what her family has done, Mae must face the consequences. The elders fury is a marvel to behold, even if Mae saved the holding’s children in the process. It doesn’t take long before Mae figures out why no woman in her family has removed the inked design in five generations. The moon winks at her in her sleep, fire leaps to her call at a glance, and she phases between cities when she hiccups.

With no other choice and a family who will no longer even say her name, she is cast out in exile. Forced to leave, Mae takes up her gifts and ventures out with the mages who saved her siblings when no one else could. But she’s leaving more than her family behind, because a blood curse unleashed opens the gates to other enigmas lurking in the darkness.

Mysteries that she’ll now have to solve alone, as a foreigner in a foreign land.